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We're Hiring

We're Hiring

At the Video Storytelling studio we've been winning industry awards  - help us win some more!

We're looking for a full time Editor and Sr. Writer producer to join the team.

We're also always looking for freelancers.

We're based in Redlands, CA, but if you're with us full time you can work remotely several days a week from anywhere in Southern Cal.

Freelancers can be further afield, but we do like to meet in person from time to time, so being in So Cal is a plus.

Sr. Writer/Producer

Short form doc & promo

7 yrs experience  

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Short form doc & promo

5 yrs experience  



Writers, Motion Artists, Editors,

DP's, Live Showcallers ...  


Also boutique production companies.  Interested? 

Reach out:

What We Produce


User Stories

People use Esri software to do amazing things - respond to disasters, contain Covid, run smart cities, improve supply chains, make businesses sustainable, to name just a few.  Telling our users stories (in films of various styles and lengths) is a big part of what we do.


Mission Driven 

Esri is particularly committed to improving access to education, protecting biodiversity, and fighting climate change. Our team gets special assignments - straight from our CEO - to promote these causes, often as branded content, sometimes as pure docs. These projects are shown around the world, from film festivals, to company boardrooms, to the United Nations General Assembly. 

Commercials & Promos


Whether we're producing spots for national television or introducing new products to Esri's user-fans via YouTube adverts, our work includes raising Esri's profile, 15. 30, and 60 seconds at a time.


Event Films

We create show opens, and major event films for Esri's many conferences across the globe.  Every spring we gear up for our major San Diego annual Esri User Conference, attended by more than 100,000 people from around the world.  It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.



Esri is always developing new software. It's up to us to create original, engaging videos that quickly explain why you'd want to use it.


Live Studio Shows

Whether producing several hours of live talkshow television from the convention center floor during our user conferences, or recording made-for-social talk-tv from our Redlands studio, news-style live shows are also part of our broad remit.

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